It’s All Simplified is a program curated by passionate educators with a very basic objective to simplify education through practical and applied learning. We accomplish our objective by conducting experiential online and hands-on STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) workshops and camps. Our workshops are conceptualized and designed to instill curiosity and love for learning in a child; opening doors to the outside world by co- relating all that they study to their everyday life and in the process, helping them understand concepts that otherwise might seem too difficult or boring.

Our Approach – Practical Applied Learning

What exactly is Practical Applied Learning?

Applied learning refers to an educational approach whereby students apply knowledge and skills gained from classroom learning to hands-on and/or real-world settings through creative experiments, activities and research projects and in turn apply what is gained from this experience to academic learning.

It goes hand –in-hand with ‘inquiry based learning’ where students are encouraged to share ideas and experiences,ask questions and explore the topics to the extent they want to. It is in contrast with traditional education, which generally relies on teachers presenting facts and the limited knowledge they have about the topic. Inquiry based learning requires teachers to be forever learners; it is a kind of an attitude that eventually rubs off a child instilling curiosity and making him/her fall in love with learning.

Why Practical Applied Learning?

  • Understanding of confusing and complex concepts made quicker and easier
  • Fosters critical thinking and reasoning while promoting creativity and research
  • Involves inter-disciplinary learning which further promotes real life application of concepts
  • Encourages collaborative learning while improving communication skills
  • Helps make an well informed career choicehaving explored various subjects as they are in the real world

Our Core Team

Ms. Mandisha Nagpal

Founder and Head Instructor

I am an Electrical and Electronics engineer by profession and educator by choice. This initiative is driven by utmost passion after humbly keeping aside two job offers from reputed companies. Practical applied learning is something I strongly believe in. This belief has its roots in years of hands-on experience of working with thousands of kids across the country while conducting hundreds of experiential STEM online and in-house workshops and camps. The most complex formulas and algorithms become easy when approached practically. My focus has always been in making STEM education fun without compromising on its very purpose of making a child inquisitive while honing his reasoning and problem solving skills. My favorite question while teachings is ‘Why?’ as many times children do activities and experiments and leave the learning incomplete by not questioning and understanding as to why or why not something happened in the first place. I, as an educator am motivated by the happiness and joy of learning a child experiences after exploring and learning about a topic to its core; admiring the beauty that lies in its depth.

Mr. Devinder Singh

Founder and Chief Content Creator

I am an Electronics and Communication engineer with an experience of over 30 years in the field of Electronics Research and Design (R&D). My work has taken me all across the globe. Being an education enthusiast, exploring the education systems across countries I travelled, came naturally to me and I bring together all the experience in this initiative of ours. I find opportunities to explore and learn science and engineering through things around us; things we use, benefit from or experience in some way or other in daily life but seldom appreciate them from a science or engineering point of view. Driven by a great belief in the efficacy of ‘learning by doing’, I look for opportunities to nurture scientific aptitude in young minds focusing on real, well researched content which both effective and fascinating.