Why do we think we are taught Science as a compulsory subject till Class 10? Just because it has been so since many years; did we forget to make it optional?

No, absolutely not. Science is the basis of our very existence. Its theories, principles and laws govern every single aspect of our daily life. From the food we eat, to the appliances we use to the clothes we wear to the vehicles we commute in to the furniture we use to the plants in our garden; everything is rooted in Science. But how often do we explore Science as the study of the rules of nature? How often do we encourage our kids to discover the Science in hundreds of phenomenon happening around us in daily life? How often do we even know the significance of various formulas and concepts taught to us?

Our camps and workshops are carefully curated to take the kids beyond textbooks and videos to the real world correlating all that they study to their everyday life. Practical Applied Science makes way for Technology as technology is nothing but application of Science.

We have conducted these hands-on workshops for over 7000 children across 5 states in the past 7 years and needless to say, the response has been amazing!