Our experience with hands-on workshops gave us a real –time understanding of what a child wants in order to be happy, excited and curious to learn. STEM-based education goes way beyond mathematics and science; it teaches problem solving, builds resilience, encourages knowledge application and instills an attitude to dig deeper into a topic. These skills are useful and essential across all subjects of learning; not just mathematics and science. We accomplish our objective through

Live Science Experiments and Demonstrations

In these sessions, our teachers demystify various interesting scientific phenomenon through captivating scientific demonstrations. The children also perform many experiments using material readily available. The kids love these sessions as it allows them to go hands-on; something they really enjoy. Needless to say, the clarity and depth of knowledge these activities offer is abundant.

Please click here to know more about our extensive work in Science and Technology in the past few years. Our online camps resonate with just the same knowledge, enthusiasm and fun.

Practical Applied Mathematics through hands-on activities

Our research shows that what makes Mathematics really tough or boring for kids is their notion that mathematics is all about formulas and quantitative calculations. We cannot blame them as this is how it is usually taught to them. Also, many parents share about their kids making ‘silly mistakes’ First, let us understand one thing: Children are supremely intelligent .If you give them logic as to how and why they can use these formulas and numbers to do something useful and fun; it shall spark their interest in this subject. With an interest in the subject in place, it is very easy to work upon a child’s concentration which ultimately prevents them from making those silly mistakes.

Our workshops aim at making Mathematics fun while focusing on application of mathematical concepts .We are happy to share that the kids who have been a part of our workshops and camps have successfully befriended Mathematics and have been instilled with a new found confidence to dig deeper into the subject.

Logical Reasoning through Mathematical Riddles and Puzzles

Puzzles and Riddles are a great way to master mathematics while developing strong reasoning skills. Logical Reasoning is, in fact the backbone of Mathematics. It is a central and important thinking skill that is tested across all Olympiads, competitive exams and job interviews.

Reasoning involves analyzing the information available in hand and beyond ,to find solution to a given problem. It is actually an important life skill. Kids love these sessions as it allows them to get competitive while having a lot of fun.


Cryptography , the writing and deciphering of messages in secret code is a technique of securing information and communications from theft or unauthorized access .The techniques used for the same are obtained from mathematical concepts and a set of rule based calculations known as algorithms to convert messages in ways that make it hard to decode it.

Our cryptography workshops introduce the kids to mind boggling algorithms to encode and decode messages. Complemented with mathematical goodness and heaps of excitement to decode secret messages, these workshops have been loved by one and all.